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Join the conversation about design thinking and design sprints in museums

Join the conversation
Talking about design sprints and design thinking in museums at the 2017 Museums and the Web conference.

Are you experimenting with design thinking in your museum? Are you planning to run a design sprint? Or are you curious to hear from other practitioners who are dipping their toes into the waters of human-centered design?

We’ve launched a new LinkedIn group (Design Thinking & Design Sprints in Museums and Cultural Orgs) and have started a Twitter hashtag (#dthinkmuseum) for professionals to share stories, ask questions, and join the conversation.

Join in, and talk with peers who are experimenting, learning, and leading the way.

Many thanks to Lucie Patterson at Australian Center for the Moving Image for inspiring this! Lucie is bravely embarking on running a design sprint at ACMI after taking our workshop on Design Sprints for Awesome Teams at Museums and the Web 2017. Look for more stories and lessons learned from her soon.

Join the conversation!


2 thoughts on “Join the conversation about design thinking and design sprints in museums

  1. Love the application of design thinking/human centered design principles in museums! Thank you for sharing.

  2. […] I’m really interested to hear from others who are dipping their toes in or having similar or different experiences in running design sprints. Please do get in touch. And with that in mind, Dana has started a group for museums to talk about design thinking and design sprints that we are running Join in! […]

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