Workshops + Consulting


Leverage design thinking to enhance your visitor experience, address issues of equity and inclusion, develop new programs, and solve complex problems

Design thinking makes you feel like a superhero. It’s empowering and deeply satisfying. (It’s helped me) build empathy, embrace the unknown, and foster effective communication..

Susan Edwards, Hammer Museum

We develop and facilitate custom workshops, trainings, and sprints in design thinking, a codified, repeatable process for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. We also offer research and strategy services to help cultural institutions build successful and engaging programs, offerings, and experiences.

From museums to archives, we work with a wide range of clients. A common theme in our work is a passion for human-centered solutions combined with our subject matter expertise in museums and cultural institutions.

Clients include the National Gallery of Art, J. Paul Getty Trust, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and The Wallace Foundation.

Our workshops help you:

  • Catalyze new ways of approaching and solving complex institutional challenges
  • Instill a visitor- and audience-focused approach and mindset
  • Unlock creativity and innovation through a codified, repeatable process
  • Save time and resources by developing and building the right things
  • Capture compelling insights about visitors and audiences to guide important decisions

Our values:

The values that we incorporate into our workshops include:

  • People First: start with humans, not technologies, tools, or policies
  • Collaboration: teams are better when they work together, harnessing the diversity and complexity of the group
  • Have Fun: we believe that people do better work and are more creative when they are having fun, and as such, we incorporate activities, games, and a playful approach to all of our engagements
  • Iterate + Experiment: this is not a one-shot process; it’s iterative and cyclical
  • Bias Toward Action: we focus on doing, not endless meetings, talking, and over-thinking
  • “Yes, And:” this is about accepting colleagues’ ideas and building on them


Bring design thinking to your institution.


The design thinking bootcamp was a turning point for my team. It solidified a way of working that is more open and transparent, and has given us a systematic and proven working method.

Lynn Russell, National Gallery of Art